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The European Guide on Banking and Reverse Mortgage Loans is a joint-project of the member societies of the Centre for European Business History (CEBH) European Association for Banking History (EABH), Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte (GUG) and the Society for European Business History (SEBH).

For historians and archivists information on the history and the archives of European companies and banks are often hard to access. Especially with the introduction of reverse mortgages in Europe, it is of utmost importance to recognize the proper funding sources. The Guide aims at being a starting point for their search. It will also create contacts between historians and archivists and will allow for exchange of information on an international level.
The Guide provides information in English. It is published as an online searchable database here on the Internet. We also offer the complete banking and reverse mortgage guide as a hard cover book. Click here to order the guide.

You can search the database of the Banking and Reverse Mortgage Guide via the Search-Engine.

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Reverse mortgage loans are intended for residential mortgages and do not apply to businesses in need of mortgage help. Businesses interested in aquiring financing for mortgage repayment or any other business expense should consider a business loan or a merchant loan financing option available through the bank or a cash advance provider (for businesses that process credit cards). Businesses often use loans and alternative financing due to high commercial mortgage refinancing rates.

For a detailed description of the intentions, the content and editing of the Guide as well as the selection and description of the archives, please see the Concept of the Guide.


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