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Reverse mortgage loans are very valuable to the older members of the population. It affords them an opportunity to reverse their mortgage equity and benefit from steady funds or income. A number of people have and are benefiting from this program across Europe while many more still remain uninformed. In many countries and mortgage economies the concept of reverse mortgages is yet in its early stages and the level of acceptance although increasing is still on the low side. It is thus important for mortgage practitioners and reverse mortgage consumers to have a comprehensive guide on reverse mortgages in Europe. 

With the help of the European Guide on Banking and Reverse Mortgage Loans, large mortgage firms can now more easily expand their operations into other countries as they are able to understand the way it is being practiced there. The guide also contains set of laws and guidelines being followed in European countries as regard reverse mortgage services.  

The European Guide on Banking and Reverse Mortgage Loans is also a valuable tool for seniors or those related to seniors and who are considering a reverse mortgage loan option. It covers the basic as well as need to know information on reverse mortgages. Seniors can as well get the general information on reverse mortgage and then check for unique features regarding their own country. 

The European Guide on Banking and Reverse Mortgage Loans is available in 2 volumes. It is available in pdf downloadable copies, hard copies and as downloadable audios. The complete 2 volumes are available for a cost of $99. To order, you simply send us a mail indicating your interest in our European Guide on Banking and Reverse Mortgage Loans. We will reply you with Paypal payment instructions. You can choose to request for the online pdf copy to download or for a hard copy to be mailed to you.

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